Month: May 2017

Singapore 4d lucky number

If you wanted to try a good bet, come to Uncle Kumar 4D to get your Singapore Pools 4d lucky number. Uncle Kumar (Power Master) can give you the best guess prediction (ramalan nombor panas) 4d lucky number. For a

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Exciting Singapore Pools counter : Winning forecast

The Singapore Pools (SGP) counter visit is always exciting. Carrying a note of number forecast prediction (prediksi), in our hand, thinking and worrying if the prediction will come true. To cover up a miss in straight, remembering to write ibox,

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Win SGP 4d lottery strategy

Can the same person win SGP 4d every draw/race? It is a fantastic question. Theoretically yes. But considering the randomness of the Lottery system in Singapore Pools 4D, its not possible. But a good lottery prediction makes your success guaranteed

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Do not get drilled drown!

Do not get drilled down and loose your energy to play SGP 4d! Once you lost interest and simply play without any clear thinking, you have a bigger chance to loose. Buy good and specific predictions from Singapore pools 4D

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Winning qualities for a player

One of the best winning qualities of a player/punter in Lotto is that the player should be a Confident player. If there is no confidence, then there is no excitement and we end up loosing the game. A player must

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Challenges in Singapore 4D Pools

Lets look at the challenges in Singapore Pools 4D. First Challenge : There is lot of randomness in Singapore pools 4D compared to Malaysia 4D. Prediction is a BIG CHALLENGE. But, I have come up with a solution for YOU

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Who am I

WHO AM I? You will be wondering! Let me tell my background here. I have taken interest to lottery (lotto) predictions for more than 12 years. I started off as a punter who takes lottery same like you. But since

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