Of course yes. Uncle Kumar has proved this many many times. A powerful prediction tremendously boosts up your chance of winning the Singapore Pools 4D.
A good prediction gives you best chance/hot numbers/nombor panas that has a good chance to come among the pool of 10,000 numbers. The mathematical term of randomness is redefined here by forecast / prediction numbers !
Uncle Kumar 4D is more than 10 years in forecast/ramalan/prediction line. Since 2016, Uncle Kumar gives predictions for public members. Before that he gave the predictions for a group of private members only. So, now you have a good chance to get his SUPER 4D predictions that is widely popular in Malaysia Lottery (Damacai, Sports Toto and Magnum).

Singapore Pools – Legal Lottery and Sports Betting. Official Website: http://www.singaporepools.com.sg  This company is fully (100%) legal and one of the top companies in the world for 4D betting and Sports betting. Winning money is 100% guaranteed by this company. As a player, our problem is how to get into Live draw winning results for Singapore 4D? How can we become smarter and how can we play the best strategy/method/formula/chart(carta ramalan) with the limited budget that we have? We cannot be writing all the 10,000 numbers ! So, how do we work it out with all the randomness of mathematical probability pushing us down from winning? Don’t we need to overcome this block or hurdle? Of course as a punter or frequent lottery player, we need to! Then, what is our game plan for a successful winning? Every lottery player need to have a game plan and it varies from person to person. It will be unique only to you and most of the time lottery players keep it as their secret formula (formula rahsia).

Successful Game Plan: From my knowledge and experience with top podium 4D players (Lottery 4D) in Malaysia and Singapore, let me share a few secrets…They have prediction numbers, they play this as a game. They are cool and not rushing. They are clear minded, calm and positive thinkers. They do not get set back if they lost. Their aim is to WIN, WIN and WIN. Some of them watch the Live draw results, while some do not bother to watch the 4D Live draw results. They are optimistic and never let themselves down! They never panic.
I have seen world best and top players in my members and lots of them continue to take my forecast/prediction/ramalan nombor and have been my patrons for years. Many have won BIG MONEY (WANG BESAR). But they have been patiently playing the 4D Game. They are true sportsmen. Unlike the short term player who wants to win today. If the player did not win today, then lost interest until next cycle of urge pushes to try the 4D Game again!!

Smart and strong players never panic. They keep budgets and play within their means. Panic player plays out of his limits and looses more than what he had before! This is against the ethics as you can see in the official websites that they advice to play wisely with that extra money that you have. You can in one way consider the money that you play as an investment for the future. When LUCK, PREDICTION AND TIMING matches for you, you are going to WIN BIG for sure!

Can I keep writing my car/bike/home/IC/phone number? These numbers are very personal numbers for you and of course you can write them, whenever you wanted. But they are not prediction/forecast/ramalan numbers. We call them STATIC numbers. The other day, a new member who is an uncle approached me for 4D number predict and told me that he had 3 cars with the same number and he has been keeping on playing the car numbers for over 3 years. Till now, never won!

The day he joined my SUPER 4D prediction as member, he started to slowly strike numbers in consolation, starters and Top3 podium prizes. He was very amazed and asked me why his car number never came as the winning number and how could my prediction numbers appear in the winning number for the 4D Game. I simply told him that I gave him the best chance numbers for that day (today) and hence my numbers are DYNAMIC, which means every three draws/races, we need change the pattern of the numbers and run along with the Singapore Pools 4D company. As they change the pattern, so do we! This makes 4D game playing DYNAMIC and not STATIC. The uncle was so happy and excited at this explanation that I provided to him and he was so thankful to me, as he told me that, so far, nobody explained to him why his car number never won.

Now you know the power of PREDICTION analysis and Game Plan strategy and also got some few tips on how world class punters/lottery players play their Game, why don’t you RESET yourselves and start off with your own GAME PLAN with my predictions?