Challenges in Singapore 4D Pools

Lets look at the challenges in Singapore Pools 4D.

First Challenge : There is lot of randomness in Singapore pools 4D compared to Malaysia 4D. Prediction is a BIG CHALLENGE.

But, I have come up with a solution for YOU to clear this hurdle ! We will discuss it under the SOLUTIONS. 

Second Challenge: SGP always brings in new or long time not open numbers. Of course some numbers turn up with short gaps.

Relief : For a WIN, we need to have 3 things: (1) LUCK (2) PREDICTION and (3) TIMING

Luck and Timing are uncontrollable factors. They just happen. Of course there are certain beliefs and faiths to improve luck (I can personally advice you, if you are interested over Whatsapp).

Prediction is the only controllable thing here. Hence trying out with best chance numbers is going to improve your winnings. This is from my experience that I am telling YOU.

Solution: The solution that I tried and that I am offering to you is as follows:

1)  I am going to provide you, 3 x 4D numbers (Say for example 1230, 3200 and 8099) for a small service fee

2) You need to use this number in straight combination or any other combination as you wish, taking these THREE numbers as the base

3) You will use these numbers for a maximum period of 3 races/draws

4) After 3 races, you can take a new/fresh set of SGP 4D hot prediction numbers (nombor panas) again for a the same rate of service fee

5) You can take the prediction set from me anytime/any day as you wish. But, once you take it, you should use it within 3 draws/races.

6) You are encouraged to send me your Date of Birth, as I have a unique way of choosing best numbers for you (this is an optional step and is upto you to choose it or not)

7) Hence Luck factor is achieved in my prediction through your Date of Birth, Timing is overcome by using it in 3 races/draws days and of course you will get the best hot number prediction for Singapore Pools 4 digit lottery game based on many years of my experience in this Lotto/Lottery game.

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Who am I

WHO AM I? You will be wondering! Let me tell my background here. I have taken interest to lottery (lotto) predictions for more than 12 years.

I started off as a punter who takes lottery same like you. But since I am a mathemagician (mathematics that do magics !), I started to pick up interest in developing new techniques to do predictions for 4D (Four digit) numbers. My initial attempts were gone in vain, because of the randomness of predicting lotto (which is the beauty part as well!).  Lots of my attempts failed. At some point of time, I lost interest and faith in predictions.

But one fine day, I was keeping on refining and refining my techniques AND IT HAPPENED ! I won the 2nd prize in the Malaysian Lotto with my prediction! From thereon, there was no looking back! I frequently won the lottery, sometime at the top, sometime at the bottom. Of course there are misses. After all, its a game of chance.

As days went past, I emerged out as a profession MATHEMAGICIAN for Lottery number prediction for Malaysia lottery. I am known as Uncle Kumar in Malaysia. You can have a look at my Malaysian exclusive website and get a confidence on my work.

So, having known, Who I Am, I have opened up this website to cater for Singapore 4 digit Luck numbers, whereby I will be applying my prediction formula for winning and will assist you to give my best predictions. There is one request/requirement. You need to use the contacts in this website for SGP 4d, as I do not want to mix up (rather screw up, is it !) between my Malaysian 4d members and Singapore Pools Lucky 4D (4 digit) members.

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