Exciting Singapore Pools counter : Winning forecast

The Singapore Pools (SGP) counter visit is always exciting. Carrying a note of number forecast prediction (prediksi), in our hand, thinking and worrying if the prediction will come true. To cover up a miss in straight, remembering to write ibox, its all in the game!
 It is better to do a home work at home rather than rushing to the counter and getting confused seeing the big crowd of players and punters! After all getting lucky at the lottery in Singapore is a real boon indeed. Compared to Malaysia lottery, earning potential of Singapore 4 digit lottery is higher. For example a straight win in Malaysia at a 1 RM betting will get a first prize money of RM 2500. Whereas if the winning had happened at the Singapore Pools, the prize money won is SGD 2000 for a 1 BIG betting of SGD 1. This is about RM 6000 over! Its a good sum of money indeed! Thats the secret !
If we used the most frequent 4d number Singapore, the 4d number prediction may go wrong, as there would be less frequent digit added in, which makes the 4D SGP game not easy to win. To get the lucky 4 digit numbers, it is better to seek help from an experienced person like Uncle Kumar 4D to get the 4d lucky number for tomorrow. SGP lottery usually does not run any special and they have races/draws every Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The employees in SGP counters are well experienced and we need to see them work in a very fast and efficient way! Quite amazing. I love draws especially in the Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), as we are more relaxed and of clear thoughts. Of course, Lady LUCK can smile at us on any day!

So, Power Master members, you can always take 4d MKT by visiting Uncle Kumar website www.4duncle.com

You can try the popular SUPER 4D from uncle Kumar for Malaysia lottery that aims at top podium prizes (Magnum, Sports Toto and Damacai (1+3D). Damacai is fondly called as Kuda in Malaysia. You can look at the Youtube channel of Uncle Kumar 4D to understand more about 4D Forecast and formula predictions.

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