About Power Master Uncle Kumar 4D

My experience with prediction of 4D numbers dates back to year 2006 since I started to study how to predict ramalan 4D numbers. It was not an easy journey and lots of dedication and efforts were put on the 4D prediction system development and currently I have evolved a full "Smart Sniffer System" as I call it. Its pure mathematics that is used in my system and I owe the greatness of it to my teachers who lead me through the wonderful and sparkling world of Mathematics.

Mathematics is a perfect science of numbers. It is one of the findings of humanity that can achieve 100% perfection. That is why you see many students can score a 100/100 marks in Matematik examinations!! So, I thought of using my skills to do prediction/forecast system for Singapore Pools Lottery (SGP) and that's how the journey started.

My system hit the commercial market in the year 2014 and so I am here to help you all who is interested in playing the 4D game. Remember that it's just a game. Winning and losing is part of the game. You have to be an optimistic positive minded sports person to be a good and professional 4D lottery player / punter.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

Albert Einstein

About prediction and its power

Prediction or Ramalan or forecast as we call it is really powerful, if the right master or sifu does that

Of course we have bomoh, masters and sifus everywhere. So what makes the difference?

Its the testimonials, right. That also TRUE testimonials. You can see my youtube videos where many winning members are talking to you.

You can also see my blogspot, where all histories of winners are captured since I started prediction for the public/awam.

You will see slight price differences for online payment, as we need to pay for paypal commissions for online transactions. This causes the slight price differences. If you do bank to bank transactions, you can follow the price as in the Products page

Why I specialize in 4D predictions and not in 6D or 6/45, 6/53 or such type of Lotto predictions is that in comparison with such games, winning 4D has better chance.

About your luck / luck factor

Does luck play an important role in winning any lottery?

Yes, it does! Because prediction only cannot make you a BIG Winner. You need LUCK or need to be LUCKY

The funny part is that Luck never tells us it is coming! So what we need to do? We need to keep playing within our budget money

Remember that keeping a budget while playing 4D game (main) is very important

Why you need to buy new set after 3 draws? This is because number patterns that win in the 4D does not remain same always. They are so dynamic and my SMART SNIFFER SYSTEM (SISTEM) always tries to look forward to what the pattern will occur

Everybody has ups and downs in their Luck. So, nothing to worry. Even the first prize winner may or may not be the next first prize winner. He or she also does not know!! This is one of the reasons why I always advice that you need to keep on playing.

About Timing

Another important parameter in winning the lotteries is Timing. So what do I mean by timing?

Consider that case of a first prize number. Assume you have it. Can you win prize money, if you write before or after the 4D number appeared in the lottery? No, right? This is what I mean by timing

That is one of the reasons I say and advice to you to try my prediction numbers for Three consecutive draws

Again suppose the Timing was OK and you played a particular 4D number at the Singapore Pools on a fine day. What if your number came as first prize in Toto or DMC (Damacai) Malaysia? Again its a timing issue, right?

My Whatsapp number

Please be early to make your payment and prediction / ramalan request

Remember to tell me your Name / Location where you stay (tempat duduk) and also your Date of birth (Dob) tarikh lahir

I use a unique way to try to "boost" your luck by using your DoB in my "sniffer system" prediction / forecast / ramalan

My Whatsapp Number is +6 017 546 9698

My Email ID

I am not including a contact form here because many members wrongly type in their email ID and I am unable to reply them due to wrong mail ID.

So, in order to contact me by email, you need to compulsory login to your email Id and then send me a proper email to which I will reply!

Whatsapp text is the preferred mode of contact, as my response to email will be slow

My Email ID is 4dgpower@gmail.com