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First of all my sincere apologies to let you know that I will not entertain voice calls or voice messages, as I am really busy with my predictions and daily improvements. Having said that, you can contact me by Whatsapp text which is the recommended best option.

Alternatively, you can email me. But my response will be slow for email, as I give priority to Whatsapp members. I live in the great island of Penang and I love Penang very much. Of course I like Singapore especially, the Merlion, Jurong Bird Park and the National Zoo. I have many members from all over Singapore.

The beauty about me is that once you come to know about me, my efforts and my system, you are going to fall in love with my prediction/ramalan system which I call as the "Sniffer System" and you will be my regular patrons/members.

My Whatsapp number

Please be early to make your payment and prediction / ramalan request

Remember to tell me your Name / Location where you stay (tempat duduk) and also your Date of birth (Dob) tarikh lahir

I use a unique way to try to "boost" your luck by using your DoB in my "sniffer system" prediction / forecast / ramalan

My Whatsapp Number is +6 017 546 9698

My Email ID

I am not including a contact form here because many members wrongly type in their email ID and I am unable to reply them due to wrong mail ID.

So, in order to contact me by email, you need to compulsory login to your email Id and then send me a proper email to which I will reply!

Whatsapp text is the preferred mode of contact, as my response to email will be slow

My Email ID is